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Nokia Confirms Display Problem With Some 8210 Model Phones

By Buster Kantrow Dow Jones Newswires

Some of Nokia Corp.’s popular 8210 model mobile phones have a malfunctioning display, the company confirmed Friday.

The Finnish group said the problem causes text on the display to fade, particularly under very bright lights or in extreme cold. It attributed the problem to a faulty component provided by a supplier, which it declined to identify.

It said the faulty displays are in a batch of phones that were produced near the end of 2001 and that have been sold early this year.

“The faulty components have not been used for some time now, and the situation is under control,” said Tapio Hedman, spokesman for Nokia’s mobile-phone unit. He declined to estimate how many phones were affected.

The problem has surfaced in phones sold in the Nordic region, mainly in Sweden, Mr. Hedman said. He said the problem hasn’t appeared in all phones manufactured with the components from the supplier involved.

Nokia is repairing phones that show the problem, he said. He declined to say whether Nokia or the supplier will bear the cost.

In a research note Friday, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein estimated that repair expenses could cost the company 50 million euros in profits. Mr. Nokia’s Hedman declined to comment on the estimate.

Finland-based Nokia is the world’s largest maker of mobile phones.

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