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TV Documentary | ARD Exclusive (English Dubbed Version)

Lufthansa Cargo operates the only scheduled “Round the World” flight operation in the world. Planes are leaving Frankfurt every third day for this trip with stops in Chicago, Honolulu, Auckland, Melbourne, Penang, Lahore and Sharjah. This film follows LH 800. ¬†Every flight takes 66 hours, crews will be changed at every stop.

For Lufthansa Cargo this is a massive operation. They need to deploy crews around the world – one tour takes over three weeks for the involved flight captains and first officers. Goods include cars, horses and alife-fish. I had the chance to join one around the world trip with my DP Wolfgang Raith for a documentary which aired on German TV. We faced a thunderstorm, travelled with six horses in the back of the plane and had the chance to cover football stitching and the production of medical surgeries in Lahore. Due to its closeness to the Afghanistan border the Lufthansa crew was not allowed to leave the plane and we needed additional safety measures. Watch a report full of surprising little stories, cultural insights and the needed organization behind a massive operation for Lufthansa.

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