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Hulu to extend services globally – danger for TV cable networks

After Hulu just announced its new pricing and subscription model for the US end of June and journalists were discussing the danger for Netflix , the company owned by News Corp, Disney and General Electric’s NBC Universal seems to have plans, to extend their services globally.

This would mean, that series like Desperate Housewifes or Sex and the City could be watched also in Asia and Europe without using any tricky systems, giving the computer US-based IP addresses. These settings are needed to watch US content so far.

The announcement of Hulu could bring cable companies outside of the US in trouble, as until now they are selling international content through subscription models by themselves.

What is clear: The battle for the ownership of the TV (and its content) in the living room has just started. Google TV, Apple TV, Hulu – these will be the big players besides the Nintendo’s and Wii’s.

And there are other battles going on as well. Hulu co-owner NBC Universal will probably being taken over by Cable Provider Comcast. Just today Comcast Corp. was seeking FCC and Justice Department approval to acquire a 51 percent stake in NBC Universal from General Electric Co..

If this deal gets closed successfully, it might also mean, that Comcast pushes for a re-adjustment of the strategy for Hulu, as the company will then be part of the Cable Provider. But as they do not own the majority of Hulu, it will be interesting to see, how they will work things forward to not destroy their own business model.

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