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News anchor will become new spokesperson of German chancellor Merkel

Steffen Seibert a very prominent German news anchor will become responsible for German chancllor Merkel’s communication activities. He will also be her spokesperson. Seibert takes over this job from Ulrich Wilhelm and will start his new job August 11.

Since 2003 Steffen Seibert has been the news anchor for the main evening news called “heute” (“today”) in public channel two (Second German Television), one of the most widely watched news shows in Germany. 2007 he became news anchor for the longer news format “Heute Journal”. He also presented many galas and special shows and was correspondent for ZDF in Washington. About his new job Seibert said: “I look forward to this new job, because I am convinced that the Federal Government with Angela Merkel sets the right agenda and priorities to guarantee our country a good future in these very turbulent times”

(Source: ZDF

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