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TV documentary series “The Road To Houston”

The Shell Eco-marathon Americas is a unique competition that brings together more than 100 teams and thousands of students from across the Americas to battle for ultra-energy efficiency. The final competition took place on the streets of Downtown Houston in April 2013. We embedded three camera crews with student teams in Canada, North America and Brazil during their preparations for the Shell Eco Marathon and released three 20 minute episodes prior to the  event. A 60 minute version is now in distribution with TV networks around the world. Watch the trailer and the three long form episodes.




Trailer – The Road To Houston


The Road To Houston – Episode 1

The Road To Houston – Episode 2


The Road To Houston – Episode 3

Project “Triumphs and Tears on the Road to Houston”on the web

Additional supporting films:

Exciting Insights: The Long Road

The Louisiana Technical University has been winning titles and breaking records throughout the history of Shell Eco-marathon Americas. Their innovative fuel-efficient cars have evolved from a simple approach using a bicycle frame into super-streamlined vehicles developed from 3D modelling.

Exciting insights – The Brightest Road

The ShopGirls team from Granite Falls High, Washington State, USA, was the first all-girls entry in Shell Eco-marathon Americas. Now, inspired by the event, two team members have managed to secure places to study engineering at MIT University.


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